Naoki Yokoyama
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I built my own personal 3D printer, using AlmusYang's lasercut designs. I bought all the materials online, and then lasercut the plywood and assembled the printer in my apartment in Boston. It was a super fun project, and I am super happy to start more projects using this fun new tool!

Low Cost

I bought almost every part from China through ebay, right as winter break began. Luckily, everything was delivered to my apartment by the time I got back from break.

Powered by Marlin and Arduino

When I took on this project, I was excited to learn I could use an Ardiuno Mega to power the printer. The onboard firmware is Marlin, which I configured with custom settings for this particular printer.

Nice Quality!

Hoodie Hanger!

The print quality exceeded my expectations! It's almost on par with the $2700 Makerbot printer I had been using at Pavlok. Here's something I printed and zip-tied to the lamp in my room; it holds all 6 of my hoodies...