Naoki Yokoyama
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FLL at Metropolitan Montessori School

During high school, after classes ended for the day I'd trek to the Upper West Side from Tribeca every week and help teach a group of energetic kids about robotics. It was a new after school program that needed an assistant coach somewhat versed in robotics for the students. Using the Lego Mindstorms kits, I taught them to program their robots to do all kinds of things for a competition called FIRST Lego League. Each year there would be a certain theme to all the tasks. The students also had to address the theme with a theoretical technological innovation, a research project that would be presented to the judges. In 2012 the team won the FLL Inspiration Award, which "celebrates a team that is empowered by their FLL experience and displays extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit." After the first FLL season was over I stuck around and taught the newly implemented Scratch animation class, which also became a permanent program.