Naoki Yokoyama
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HackMIT 2016: PickyPusheen (Won Best NativeScript IoT Award)

My team designed a button that uses a Photon MCU that sends a GET request through Wi-Fi, which interacts with the mobile app we created in NativeScript. The concept is fully explained on our devpost page. I mainly programmed the Photon to play a meowing sound when pressed, and also helped set it up to send the GET request. I also designed the 3D printed Pusheen cover in the picture.

HuskyHacks 2016: PickyHusky

My team created a webapp for Northeastern Univ. students that alerts them when their favorite foods are being served at a dining hall. I developed the Ruby on Rails backend, using multiple gems (clockwork, nokogiri, openuri, and twilio-ruby) to routinely check the menu of each dining hall and alert the appropriate users if a food they like is available on that day. It also records the amount of times the food becomes available, showing users how rare an item can be. I also helped our two underclassmen teammates learn how to code HTML/CSS/JS to create our landing and sign up pages.

SASEHacks 2015: SEAMS (Smart Emergency Alert & Monitoring System)
(Won 2nd Place)

We created a wearable device for the elderly which alerts others if it senses that the user has fallen or had a seizure. The onboard accelerometer could also sense if the user was sleeping, in case their loved ones want to know that information as well. The user can press a button to cancel an alert if a false alarm is triggered. It used an Intel Edison, which was programmed in Arduino.

InnoWeekend 2014: 48-hour Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition

As part of Northeastern's InnoWeekend competition, a group of friends and I designed a product to sell as a startup business. The weekend-long startup incubator environment exercised skills in designing a solution around an relevant existing problem and identifying the appropriate target market. My team decided to market Coffeenient, a portable coffee brewer that allows commuters and other busybodies to have coffee on the go. Simply pour water and insert the cartridge containing the grounds or tea leaves and press the button when you want your drink to brew. The device will automatically infuse and boil your drink to the right temperature, making sure not to oversaturate the drink. The device was designed around a new power source available on the market, supercapacitors. Supercapacitors are much safer and much more energy-dense than the traditional rechargeable battery. Capable of extended, brute-force high current loads, it would be the perfect power source for the heating filament of our device.