Naoki Yokoyama
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Workshop Instructor

My on-campus job is to teach Arduino-based workshops to groups of 20 students at the Sherman Center. Workshops are 3 hours long, occuring 2 to 3 times a month. In Arduino 101, I teach the basics of creating an Arduino sketch; in the last hour, students are given prepared hacks to program with Arduino, such as a mini self-locking door, a motor equipped with an H-bridge, a bulb that actuates its own dimmer, etc.

In Arduino 201, the first half hour is spent going over motor control, where I quickly go over PID looping and how I used it with my quadcopter. For the remainder of the workshop, students program robots we've prepared to autonomously navigate a maze.

I also cover a portion of our 3D printing workshop lecture.

101 workshop introducing professors to Arduino for freshmen courses

Arduino 201