Naoki Yokoyama
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Coded from the ground up, no website builders

Rather than pay for a website building service, I learned HTML/CSS/JS to build a site from scratch. I used Twitter Bootstrap in order to make the layout responsive to different window sizes. The background GIF and image of the landing page and some portfolio pages are optimized for viewing on any device using CSS media queries. For the portfolio I used the MixItUp library to sort and filter the different projects, and then combined it with some of my own CSS to add the effect that occurs when the mouse hovers over the thumbnail. The parallax scrolling effect on the landing page was implemented in pure CSS. The website is hosted for free using a GitHub Pages repo, which has been configured to use a custom domain name.

Learn to make your own site

Taken from the website building workshop I used to teach, here is an online tutorial I made for creating sites and hosting them online, all for free.